Hi and welcome to my blog. My name is Natts. I am a web designer, motion graphic designer and live music photographer, who wants to share a bit of her life, her mind and her passions with the internet.

It does feel a little bit weird to me to write this very first blog post. Where to start? What to write? Thinking further, I know from my experiences that there isn’t a perfect way to start something unless to start something which just makes me want to start writing all this just like that.

A short introduction about myself first. My name is Nattawan Worachat, also known as Natts. I am a Thai woman at the age of 29 and very passionate about creating designs, websites and photographs. I visited a designer high school in Linz to become a designer and also started a live (metal) music photography project called “SHOOTHER” in 2011.

Talking about my professions, I worked truly a lot for many years and I also traveled a lot through many countries with musicians until the end of 2017. Although my life with the rockstars was amazing in many ways, I decided to pull myself back and to focus on myself. Because my biggest dream is to become a web designer, I chose to work for a design agency in Linz and spending more time with my loved ones.

In case you want to know a bit of my personal side, “introvert” is the first describtion I could say about myself. I find it very difficult to talk with other people and to create boundaries with them. Being in a room with many people is probably the most exhausting situation to me. I like spending times on my own and doing what I love without caring about the others. I love discovering new music, I love to visit the gym, collecting eyeshadow palettes and tarot decks, also watching movies and playing my Nintendo Switch.

That’s enough about me. For first.

I have been thinking of creating my personal blog since a long time, but since my life is quite stressful, it’s difficult to make it happen. During the last 3 years, I read tons of blogs whenever I got free. So many people out there are exchanging their moments, works, ideas, interests and solutions with the others by writings, which made me really want to own a personal blog. As an introvert, I think this is the perfect way to share something with the world.

For now, I do not have a plan about what to write in this website, but I do know that I’ve created it for myself. This is going to be my personal treasure of some moments of my life, thoughts and things I love, which I would love to share with you.

In whichever way this blog is going to become, I’m quite excited about my new blog. I hope you are going to enjoy my writings as well. If you like my postings, feel free to share.

Yours truly,

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